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Welcome to Cure The Culture podcast!

Welcome to Cure The Culture podcast!

We cultivate health conversations in the black community and answer questions through research-based dialogue with black specialist from around the globe!

Black people die sicker and die younger than any other racial group. Have you asked yourself why?

health and wellness of the black community.

Who We Are

We are a safe haven where black patients and providers can come listen to various topics that affect the health and wellness of the black community.

This Podcast Could Save Your Life:

  • Learn how to advocate for your health and the health of your loved ones

  • Learn about the standards of care and treatment goals to keep your providers accountable

  • Stay informed about new research that focuses on improving black health outcomes.

  • Learn about implicit bias and racism in the healthcare system

  • Appreciate the importance of POC healthcare providers and finding a healthcare ally.

  • Listen to black healthcare specialist speak about their areas of expertise in and effort to keep you healthy, safe and informed.

Sitting Meditation

"Ethnic minorities recieve lower-quality health care than white people - even when insurance status, income, age and severity of condition are comparable".

- National Academy of Medicine

Have Questions?

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